40,49$ per person* (9 years old and up) + taxes
34,19$ per person * (5 to 8 years old) + taxes
Free Under 4 years old

WaterPark Valcartier, « A Magic Universe for the entire family will be operating from June 14th to September 3rd 2018. Located 40 minutes from Royal Champêtre B&B, Valcartier Vacation Village is one of the most appreciated recreation destinations in North America. Renowned as the largest playground in North America, it offers various activities enjoyed by its family clientele, which grows every year. A park with more than 35 heated waterslides, 2 theme rivers, more than 100 water games, waterpool (over 1.5 meter high, 8 alternative waves patterns), a beach-volley and so much more !

Description: one entrance per person valid for a day at the WaterPark Valcatier.

Schedule: from 10am to 5pm (June 14th till 28th and from August 20th to September 3rd 2018) and from 10am to 7pm (from June 29th to August 19th 2018).

Information: In case of rain (light or heavy rain), waterpark attractions remain open. For safety reasons, during a thunderstorm, all attractions are closed temporarily. Attractions reopen when the safety of customers is assured. No refund.

Safety rules: Open to everyone. Depending on child weigh and height and the type of waterslide, a life jacket and the presence of an adult maybe mandatory. Glasses with and without straps maybe be restricted on certain waterslides. Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with heart problems. More informations on www.valcartier.com

P.S. You are looking for vibrant activities like rafting? Consult us for rates and reservations. 

BORA PARK. The biggest swimming pool indoor in eastern Canada!  Contact us for rates and reservations.

* Full-day rates. 

Evening rates of the outdoor water park (4pm to closing):

34,19$ + taxes (9 years old and +), 26,09$ + taxes (5 to 8 years old).