Pauline Nadeau The Artist

Permanent exhibition by Pauline Nadeau at the Royal Champêtre. Born in Quebec, living in Boischatel, she developed a particular interest in drawing at an early age. During her Primary and Secondary studies, she participated in several competitions which earned her first prize. In 1979, she discovered the appeal of the oil painting. After working alone, she enrolled in courses oil painting workshops “Les Coloris”, under the direction of Claudette Rhéaume painter. 

“The Art will never stop inspiring me and it is a shame I could not live as a painter. Painting is a way for me to create, escape and communicate.”

In 1983, she studied at the Academy Sylvia Araya, on the technics of oil painting, pastel, artistic anatomy, art history and live models. To expand her knowledge, in the Spring 1986, she enrolled in watercolor classes at the Centre for Socio-Cultural Artistic Society of Charlesbourg. Since 2002, she spends her free time painting and gardening. Regarding the oil paint or brush or spatula, she is attracted specifically by urban and rural scenes. She loves to paint scenes of Old-Quebec with its ancient architecture rich of mystery, and landscapes of Charlevoix and the Côte-de-Beaupré that never cease to enchant. She is also interested in other mediums such as: watercolor, pastel and acrylic.