The must-see attraction of the Canyon Sainte-Anne and its most impressive fall of 74 meters high!

Hear roaring the flood water in the spring, walk in the summer sun, admire the magnificent leaves in the fall, magic moments to experience a canyon. Three suspended bridge and one of them is 60 meters high above the canyon!

Openings: June till September.

*AIR CANYON: Secure family fun. Sit back, take a deep breath… and soar over a stunning rock and water panorama. Cross the forest at full speed to finally find yourself dangling 90 m above the Canyon’s gorge and its ferocious rumbling waters. Seize the opportunity to observe the canyon the way eagles can. You are going to experience our Canadian nature in a new unexpected way! First installation of this technology in a natural park in Canada up to 50km/h (31 mph). AIR CANYON has a same fee per person of all ages. There is a minimum of 107cm height to be able to do the activity.

Further information and reservation, please rely on the Canyon website.