Aquarium of Quebec
20,50$+taxes (adult)
10,25$+taxes (3 à 17 years old)
61,50$+taxes (family*)

Dive into the sea, in Québec City. Come and meet the 10,000 marine animals that inhabit the Aquarium: fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and sea mammals. Among them, polar bear, walruses, and seals will provide you with unique moments. Watch them when they’re feeding or being trained. A fascinating experience for young and old alike! This huge site (16 hectares) has superbly laid out areas indoors and outdoors. Come for a picnic, cool off with the water games, and navigate the Tree-to-Tree pathway-safe and designed for kids. A great way to spend an exceptional day!

Description: daily entrance to the park. Rates valid until March 31st 2020.

Opening hours:  From 10am to 4pm (from October 10th to May 31st) and from 9am to 5pm (from June 1st to October 9th).